Fly-through and Walk-through Animations

Architectural fly-through and walk-through animations can be created using the same 3D models that are constructed for the CGIs. They offer the viewer a virtual tour showing the internal and external aspects of the proposed scheme.

Through consultation with the client and design team, all the desired points of the scheme are listed. A storyboard or script is then drawn up showing how these items will be represented and the sequence in which they will appear in the final presentation.

Following the completion of the 3D model, draft animations can be generated for approval. These will provide an indication of the look and feel of the overall presentation. Should a narrative be required, the draft animations will provide the voice-over artist with the visual queues to enable synchronisation.

Animations can be generated at any size and in any format. These can be played on anything from a laptop or a plasma TV, all the way up to large format projectors.

flythroughwalkthrough3d animation