Computer Generated Images (CGI)

‘Architectural Visualisation’ can be thought of as a generic term for 3D visuals that communicate any aspect of a building’s design. These visuals generally come in the form of Computer Generated Images.

CGIs form the bulk of our work. They are images where the subject matter and the environment can be completely created within the computer. This is useful when little or no information is available on the surrounding area.

Information on the building usually comes in the form of CAD drawings. These can be stripped down and imported into the computer modelling software and used as a template for the 3D architectural model. Traditional drawings, sketches and photos can also be used to communicate the design.

Once the computer model has been created, materials are added to the individual 3D elements in accordance with the architect’s specification and draft images are sent to the architect for approval. These draft images can also be sent to the client (if not the architect) for discussion and approval of the final viewpoints.

High-resolution renders are then created from the chosen viewpoints and the final images are worked up adding digital artwork in Photoshop.

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