To create photomontages a 3D computer model of the building is constructed, but rather than placed into an artificial environment, the model can be superimposed into a photograph of the proposed site to make a photo-realistic visualisation.

Making a note of the time and location of the camera, the angle and lighting of the photograph can be replicated within the 3D environment. The computer images and real photography elements can then be blended together providing a more photo-realistic visualisation of the project once finished. Digital artwork can also be added to the final composition to enhance the final image.

Wherever possible, we suggest that a professional architectural photographer is used for the production of marketing images. The digital resolution they can offer far exceeds that of any ‘off the shelf’ cameras available from the high street.

We are happy to discuss various options for photography and if required, photographs can be supplied from the client, us, or if available, from stock photography (e.g. for aerial photomontages).

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